Exterior Services

We have added to our equipment and services a brand new custom designed and built commercial/industrial mobile pressure washing/steaming unit and a state of the art RO-Deionizer window/glass washing system for all your exterior services.


This is a pure water only washing system. No chemicals, soaps or detergents are used. Sound a little farfetched? How can only water be used to clean without using any kind of soap The quick explanation on how the WFP system works is; the window and frames are scrubbed with a wet brush to loosen dirt and then rinsed with highly purified de-ionized water. Because the water is in its purest state, it leaves no marks when it dries. You can think of it like the “spot free rinse” at the drive thru car wash, times 100. When the water is purified, it is forced through hoses to a carbon fiber water fed pole delivery system. It travels up the pole, to a brush. The window gets clean by agitating the dirt on the glass. The water acts as the lubricant to break the bond between the dirt and the glass, and then when the glass is clean, a rinse is given so that all contaminants are rinsed away.



solarium-window-cleaningIMG_4058How does using this commercial window cleaning system save you money? In the window cleaning industry prices are inflated due to risk, the greater the risk the higher the price, as danger money is then applied. Also the hiring of expensive lifts and using traditional commercial window cleaning techniques that takes 50% or 60% longer inflates prices greatly. Because there is no risk and no high access equipment required, we can pass on these savings to our clients. In terms of how much is a difficult one to answer as every commercial window washing job is different and has its own problems and complexities. However, through past experience and customer feedback, on average, we are saving our clients around 35-40% of their total commercial window cleaning costs, by using this system. This is in comparison with the more conventional methods used before, such as ladders etc. The applications for this purified system are endless, such as solar panel systems, marine, aviation, commercial and industrial settings!




AUA does pressure washing packages. Packages tailored to your specific needs. Such as buildings, walks, storefronts and windows etc. I’m sure we have something for you. Regular maintenance in the spring and fall and throughout the summer can be a reasonably priced option that keeps your property looking great on the outside as well!

The pressure washer is completely self contained including a 3500psi washer @ 5gpm and 350 degree steamer unit. The unit has the capability of carrying its own 2400 to 3500 litre supply of water for the isolated and difficult to reach areas. This unit also has separate self contained chemical tanks for soaps, cleaners or products of your choice.


IMG_4633Tractor_Wash.110141338_stdWe can accommodate worksites, wherever you are. Atco trailers, worksite buildings or the like. Equipment or vehicles are often overlooked on construction sites. We can provide a service to wash down your fleet, heavy equipment etc, for whatever reason. Equipment overheating, too much dust on site, plugged engines, radiators etc. Hauling or taking equipment back to your yard or shop can be expensive and time consuming, this is where on site washing can be more productive and in most cases more cost effective. An onsite program can also extend the life of your equipment, maximizing productivity and down time. Whether the site is on an urban project or out of town, on a lot or in a field in a rural area, let us come to you.

The bottom line with AUA is to work with clients, and secure a package that not only meets your needs but one that also saves you money, while still receiving customer service surpassed by no others in the business. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at your earliest convenience to discuss any requirements you may have.




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